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Things Grow Best in Fertile Soil


I recently took up composting. Now, I've been an amateur gardener for quite a while. Planting a tomato here, a pepper there, flowers in pots and an occasional tree. But I've never made my own dirt before . . . and I've found there's plenty of ways to make it wrong. Like anything else worth doing, creating dirt isn't a "set it and forget it" kind of thing; you wind up with sludge that self-respecting worms will have no part in!

It took me 24 years to conquer a 6 X 22 foot space in front of the house my children grew up in. Now I have a bit more space, and a bit more time, I'm recapturing the lessons of how to get it all right, and I find along the way there are things I already knew, but forgot.

This isn't your "how to" gardening blog . . . it's more like your "wow, I never realized why" . . . gardening blog. With a dose of my father's wisdom and my mother's faith thrown in for good measure.

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